Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Packing for the Big Move

When you are moving and have to hire movers, it’s cheaper to fill the entire truck, right? Wrong. The cost per 100 lbs. decreases, yes, but you have more of these 100 lbs. to multiply. Even if you hire a truck and move it yourself, filling up the truck with useless items will cost more petrol money too!
Storage for non-essential items for moving later can end up costing more than the items are worth.

Moving can end up being very costly.
Here are some tips and practical considerations for your move.

Organization: Set aside an area in the garage where every family member can put things they no longer want. Have another pile for items that are “maybe keepers”. It’s hard to cull our possessions. Have the family as a whole help decide on what to keep in the “maybe” pile. Sell the rest at a garage sale and call the Salvation Army or local charity and donate the rest. Either they’ll send in a truck, or worst case, you’ll have to take it to them, but you might qualify for a tax right off.

Appliances: Sometimes taking your fridge, washer and dryer with you can cost you more than they are worth. These items are large and heavy and could add $100 to $200 to your move per appliance. If you are selling your house, you might be able to work the new owners a sweet deal, otherwise place an ad in the paper and get rid of them. Get new or used ones at your new location and you’ll be money ahead.

Tools: Cull your tool collection and if you are driving or renting a uhaul, take them in the car or truck with you. Tools are heavy. Besides, they’ll come in handy at the new location and you won’t have to wait for the movers to unpack everything to find them. And if you are taking a uhaul, be sure to load them last so the tools will be the first to unload.

Furniture: Take what you need and want; just make sure it will all fit. No point in moving it to find out it won’t fit in the new place and you’ll just have to rent a storage unit or sell it. Try to do a layout of your new house and place in the furniture. Do the math to see if it will all fit. You’ll be glad you did.

Piano: Be prepared to pay for special handling when moving a piano or organ. You do not want to put a piano in storage. Sell it or take it.

Pool Table: Do you still use it? You know the slate will have to be removed and the table will have to be leveled at your new location. Be sure you crate (with wood) the slate for travel. Prepare for additional moving expense.

Valuables: Do not ship your valuables. If you must, you could ship them to yourself, but use adequate insurance and don’t ship anything that can’t be replaced.

Storage Shed: If you have one, you’ll probably decide to leave most of these storage items or get rid of them. There’s no point in moving them from storage at one house to storage at the other. It’ll just take up more room in the uhaul.

Items not to move:

Flammables – including any kind of aerosol can. Items like deodorant, hairspray, spray paint, etc.

Firewood or lumber

Food (eat it all, don’t ship it)

Clothing – update your wardrobe and cull out for the garage sale

Magazines – If you must, cut out recipes or tear out articles you haven’t had time to read, but don’t take the whole magazine.

Storage is an option but eventually you’ll still have to move everything. I hope this article helps you get realistic with the items you need for moving.