Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Interview Tips For a Real Estate Agent

Interviewing a Real Estate Agent

So your sister just introduced you to her friend Ian, a real estate agent, and now you can't get rid of him, right? Wrong! Choosing the right person to sell your home is one of the most important steps of selling. Therefore, choose wisely.

At a minimum, speak with 2 or 3 brokers from different agencies. Ask prospective brokers the same list of questions, in order to compare their answers. Find out what they would do to sell your house.

Above all, choose a broker that you feel comfortable with and like. This person will help you make the biggest sale of your life, so find someone you think will do a good job!

The following is a list of questions that may be helpful to ask while speaking with prospective real estate agents.

How many years have you been in business?
For how long have you sold houses in this area?
How many houses did you sell in the past year?
What is your commission?
If I were to work with you, how would you market my house?
Will you organize meetings with potential buyers and will you coordinate them personally?
Can you give me names and telephone numbers of other families that have used your services?