Thursday, 24 April 2008

Moving House with Children - Part 4

Getting Settled after Moving House

To start with just unpack the essentials around the house. It really doesn't matter if all your books are on the bookshelves for the first few days, even weeks!

Try to make the children's bedrooms safe and comfortable. Make sure they've got their familiar things around them. And try to re-establish their normal bedtime routine as quickly as possible.
Let the children have a say in how they want to decorate their new bedroom. This will help them feel in control of their environment again.

Spend time exploring your new neighbourhood. Especially the things the children loved best about their old house. Knowing they can still go for a pizza or to the park etc will help in this transition.

Encourage them to make new friends by letting them know its ok to invite friends round or call them on the phone.

Moving house is a big time of change for children and adults alike. So don't expect them just to sail though it.

Kathryn Burns works as a home stager in Manchester, England. She has experience as a property developer and in the buy-to-let sector. She also has a very keen interest in Feng Shui.