Saturday, 12 April 2008

Choosing The Right Home

Susy Copus

When deciding on moving house the first step is to understand what exactly you are looking for and why you are moving in the first place.

One way to do this is to sit down and write all the criteria that you ideally want. You need to make two lists: essential criteria and desirable criteria and then mark them in order of importance. If you are buying a house as part of a family it may be useful for all members of the family to do this task independently so that the whole family is aware of what is important for everyone else.

What goes on each list will of course vary according to your personal needs. However, factors to be considered include location of workplaces, schools, amenities, transport facilities, house price, house size, number of bedrooms, gardens, car parking, area, condition of house, tool-sheds, dog walking spaces, space for pets, etc.

When you start to view houses always refer back to your checklists. As you view houses the criteria is likely to change and you may need to update your lists. You may see a beautiful house in an unsuitable area, or your dream kitchen but no parking. You may then be able to overcome the problem i.e. if you have found your dream home in a remote location rather than a preferred town location, can you afford two cars or is the public transport sufficient? Would you gain more than you lose? Or you may have found your dream house but has no garden – is there a park nearby that would suffice?

As a buyer you need to be flexible and adaptable. Each house you view will have its pluses and minuses. You need to view each house with an open mind and even when you view a house that immediately excites you must always refer back to your checklist. You can then be fully aware of any negatives and can work out how to deal with them.

The key is to know what you want, and be adaptable when you find it.

Susy Copus is a property commentator writing about all aspects of home moving, properties for sale, estate agent directories and house prices for the UK Property Search Engine, Wheres My Property. Susy also writes for Renovate Alerts who specialise in finding property to renovate and Property Money Maker.