Sunday, 1 April 2007

House Moving - Here We Go Again

By Colin Jones

The stress levels are that of Divorce or becoming unemployed it's the dreaded Relocation. Oh boy 8 moves in 5 years proved just how good my marriage is and not a day would go by without the gentle reminder that I aged her with all that moving around. Relocating or moving house is a lottery what you must do is increase the odds for a positive outcome.

Firstly find a relocation expert.
Do this and consider your budget. Do this part right and life will be forever good. It took us 7 moves to work out the simple formulae for this. It is get 5 quotes and put them in the order of what you feel is going to be the better. Look for professionalism and tell tale signs that these people know what they are doing. Then put them in order from 1 - 5 of your preference excluding price quoted. Discard bottom 2 regardless of price.

Contact no1 if in price budget and ask about insurance , guaranteed time and if your precious goods will be handled a multiple of time.Oh one other thing make sure the people that quote actually move you and are not just brokers.

Then when happy book em danno. Remember it is a lottery. The old saying you get what you pay for is so true but when you are as tight as a fish's bottom (that's water tight) you can sometimes make some dreadful errors of judgment based on price. Look at my bargain camcorder the one I can't get a battery for or that Toyota Camry low km ex taxi with the Auto Trans awaiting parts in the front yard, Spend that little bit more for piece of mind.

I mentioned handling of goods, some relocation people load their truck at you door and then unload at the drop off point. Great, Some others load at your door in a pretty little truck usually nice and new then drive straight back to their depot and unload all your precious items into a corner of their large garage awaiting a huge interstate truck to come along and load your stuff up with 3 other loads.
Discourage double handling.
Stuff can breaks and usually its your great aunts civil war vase, given to her by uncle john in 1882. Even insurance will not cover this kind of loss. But guess what it's the stuff you find 3 months later broken that causes the grief. Usually multiple handling relocations are usually cheaper. House moving hints

Get a commitment to a delivery time. Here's another, move 5 I'm pretty smart now and know it all. Got quote good relocation people, packed date arranged Wife and two children happy and book on plane, cats loaded on plane and sent off and this time reptiles packed and flown to friends house things are going great. Wife still loves me and it's the night before the move..Phone rings Hello xxxxRemovalist here the quote we have given you is incorrect and we cannot uplift you tomorrow. (Silence). My world is collapsing and the blood has drained from my body. So what do I do I replied, in a sympathetic voice sorry Mr. Jones the quote should have been $800 more. I won't print here the next 15 minutes but ultimately I had to pay the extra so always get a firm quote.

So, Take you time Plan and try to avoid the pitfalls. Most relocation people are genuine and sometimes delays and damage is not directly associated with them.
Colin Jones is the author of may web sites hints and others.
Magic Movers says: Always check out your removalist before you move!!!