Wednesday, 3 October 2007

Packing Made Easy - Part 7


So, you've successfully packed all of your stuff into containers -- don't take a break yet! Whether you are hiring movers or getting a U-Haul, you still need to make sure that your belongings are put on the truck the right way.

Many people load their furniture on first, but this is actually counter-intuitive. Think about it -- when you are ready to unpack and get settled in, what should go into each room first? Boxes, or the furniture that will hold the contents of those boxes? Start by packing items you won't need right away -- holiday dishes, off-season clothes, memorabilia, boxes of books -- on the front of the truck (nearest the cab).

Make sure to leave room for those things you will want to set up immediately -- the beds, the coffee pot, towels, sheets -- near the back or on top of other items. Don't be afraid to load your truck to the ceiling or tie items down -- a tightly-packed load is less likely to shift during transit, meaning less chance of damage.

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