Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Packing Made Easy - Part 5


Moving furniture can pose a problem -- more because of an item's size and bulkiness than its fragility. With many pieces, you must also take steps to protect finished surfaces from mars and scratches -- which are easily avoided by covering each piece of furniture with a sheet, blanket, or paper.
Be sure to pad corners with extra foam or blankets -- these always seem attracted to door frames and sharp corners! It's tempting -- and often an efficient use of space - to store clothing and linens inside of chests and dressers as you move them. But be careful about OVERLOADING, which can cause furniture joints to separate and collapse.
To protect mirrors, pictures, and glass shelves, wrap each piece in a blanket, tape securely, and mark with a note not to sit anything on top of that package. And use only blank newsprint to avoid ink smudges on your belongings, especially lampshades and fabric-covered items.